Comedy School


Sarcam Comedy Class is for you!

Tuition for Sarcasm Comedy School is $300.00 and includes an 8X10 Headshot and a DVD of your graduation performance in front of a live audience!

Everything you need to get started in the lucrative comedy field. Space is limited so SIGN UP NOW!

The same class was taken by Stanley Cup Champion Dave “The Hammer” Shultz, Wrestling Legend King Kong Bundy and former Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Garry Cobb. The Sarcasm Comedy School will teach you everything from writing jokes to opening your own comedy club!

You’ll learn…

  • How to master public speaking! Many salesmen, attorneys and others in the public eye take this class.
  • How to look at your life experiences, opinions and observations in a funny way that will relate to an audience!
  • The proper way to organize material into an act that will keep people continuously laughing!
  • How to¬†“mine” the audience for more material!
  • How to handle hecklers!
  • How to get booked into the top comedy clubs! (just by taking this class you’re already on the radar for Sarcasm comedy Club AND Catch a Rising Star)
  • How to market yourself and get positive press!
  • The many ways of making money in comedy such as fundraisers, corporate events and even opening your own comedy club!
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